Sunday, May 07, 2017

Chuck Tompkins wins River Valley Challenge

Chuck Tompkins rolled a 234 in the final game of the 17th River Valley Challenge at Town and Country Lanes Saturday for a 17-pin victory over Ken Abner.

Defending champion Jeff Fehr began the eighth and final game with a six-pin lead over Abner and a 19-pin lead over Tompkins, but finished in third place after rolling a 171.

Tompkins had a total of 1,750 pins. His best game of the day was a 268 in the third game.

Adam Mix, who finished sixth, rolled the high game of the tournament-  a 277- in the fourth game.

Forty-eight bowlers competed in the tournament.

Top 10

 1. Chuck Tompkins 1,750
 2. Ken Abner 1,733
 3. Jeff Fehr 1,706
 4. Nick Vogelsang 1,667
 5. Kirby Allen 1,639
 6. Adam Miz 1,631
 7. Dan Higgins 1,624
 8. Jason Reynolds 1,620
 9. Dave Wodka 1,612
10. Rick Pollard 1,611

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